Joining the AEDE

To join the AEDE must complete the registration form, available in RTF (Registration Form) format, and send completed form by mail or fax to:
      Attn Antonio Caparros Ruiz
      Faculty of Economics and Business
      Department of Statistics and Econometrics
      University of Málaga. Campus of El Ejido
      29071 Málaga
      FAX: 952 13 72 62

Of membership by satisfying the annual fee of 30.05 euros, as indicated in the registration form is acquired. To maintain the status of partner just meet that quota annually.
As stated in Article 22 of the Statute, members of the Association have the following rights:
To participate in activities that promote the association and social events organized for all partners.
Exercising the right to speak and vote at General Meetings.
Vote and stand for the Board and the Territorial Council in the manner envisaged by these Statutes.
Have a copy of these Bylaws and have knowledge of the resolutions adopted by the governing bodies.
To them as to reveal the statement of income and expenses of the association every year.