AEDE Awards

The Association of Economics of Education (SAFE) provides a biannual award, named José Luis Moreno Becerra award the doctoral thesis on the Economics of Education, deemed most important among those presented for accessing said prize. The prize is 1,500 euros, and is granted in order to finance the publication of the doctoral thesis award.

This prize is awarded by the Board of Directors of the Association, founded in Evaluator Court, dividing evaluate theses so that no member of the Board is evaluating any thesis had directed.

All theses eligible for two successive calls of the prize. For this call theses approved in 2005 and 2006 and who presented the award 2005 and did not win (the latter must state who want to stand again for the prize) may occur.

To apply for this award must be sent to each of the doctors members of the Board, the following documents:

A copy of the thesis.

Curriculum vitae.

Official certificate of qualification.

These documents must be submitted by May 1, 2007. The Board shall appoint the winner / a prize in the Assembly of the Association held during the Days of the same in the month of September.

The Board appreciates the theses presented in relation to the following parameters:

1. Interest and fitness of purpose of the thesis, the chosen theoretical framework and assumptions contained

2. Methodology and techniques used

3. Adequacy of data and information sources used

4. Relevance of results and conclusions reached.