About AEDE

The SAFE is a non profit organization that brings together professionals working in the field of Economics of Education, along with other professionals whose jobs are developed in neighboring fields to the Economics of Education (Sociology of Education, Educational Policy ). AEDE activities usually focus on academics; however, the SAFE tries to incorporate their activities are performed by professionals working in management and educational administration. The number of partners is higher, at present, the hundred people.

The main objective of the Association is to exchange ideas and work among the Spanish-speaking community. The two main instruments are there in the Association for this purpose are:

The Association organizes an annual meeting, which takes place every year in a different Spanish city. These meetings are open to the presentation of the latest research produced by members of the SAFE. However, the Association has also invited several economists of education internationally recognized as teachers Levin, Blaug, Hanushek, Jallade, Tedesco and others. So far, there have been twelve matches; on twelve occasions the Association has released records with the papers.
The Association has developed a mailing list (ECONEDUC). The number of subscribers to the list currently stands at 145. The list is useful for the exchange of information, especially when you consider including a large proportion of Latin American professionals. The description of the list can be found at: