AEDE Awards

The Association of Economics of Education (SAFE) provides a biannual award, named José Luis Moreno Becerra award the doctoral thesis on the Economics of Education, deemed most important among those presented for accessing said prize. The prize is 1,500 euros, and is granted in order to finance the publication of the doctoral thesis award.

Joining the AEDE

To join the AEDE must complete the registration form, available in RTF (Registration Form) format, and send completed form by mail or fax to:
      Attn Antonio Caparros Ruiz
      Faculty of Economics and Business
      Department of Statistics and Econometrics
      University of Málaga. Campus of El Ejido
      29071 Málaga
      FAX: 952 13 72 62

About AEDE

The SAFE is a non profit organization that brings together professionals working in the field of Economics of Education, along with other professionals whose jobs are developed in neighboring fields to the Economics of Education (Sociology of Education, Educational Policy ). AEDE activities usually focus on academics; however, the SAFE tries to incorporate their activities are performed by professionals working in management and educational administration. The number of partners is higher, at present, the hundred people.